Vision and leadership to the insurance industry



For the second time in 4 years Kerrie Woodards Insurance has won the Major award from CGU insurance for their authorised representative intermediaries. At an award dinner held in Cairns on the March 10, 2016 attended by over 120 delegates all around Australia. Kerrie Woodards Insurance in Nuriootpa took out the converted and prestigious award.

This award is given:
For vision and leadership to the insurance industry together with business development and customer service.
Kerrie’s business is also recognised for his community service and support to the Barossa area.

Kerrie states that he has a wonderful insurance business that actively promotes the growth of knowledge and professionalism of his staff.

“We really do try hard to cover peoples’ assets properly, whether business or personal, in the event of a peril or loss.”

As a previous winner in 2013 ,Kerrie never envisioned that this award could be achieved again, but the staff at Kerrie Woodards keeps raising the bar, to higher levels.

traktor“I am astounded at how high my sta sets the level of service to our customers. We try to give solid a ordable advice and cover, that tries to take the gaps away from policy conditions that may leave you stranded in certain circumstances.

“You just don’t know how good your insurance policy is until you claim and that’s where we can assist, because that’s what we do, handle claims for customers that insure with us.

It’s not all about growth and retentions of business to CGU insurance. Care and consideration is foremost.

It is so erce in competition of insurance, with the internet buying tool thrown at the public these days

“It’s just not all about money saved on your policy. The public is not very well educated on insurance coverage over price.

“It’s the cover obtained by a client and a tailored package that is most important. This has been highlighted recently by the devastating pinery fires.

“With so many catastrophies occurring these days, such as res and oods, we make sure that our clients understand their terms and conditions and tailor the policy to our clients’ ever changing needs.”

This award says to Kerrie that they do it very well and his company is a leader in the intermediary based insurance representation to clients and CGU.

Kerrie Woodards insurance scoops national insurance awards

Kerrie Woodards InsuranceOn March 7 Mr Kerrie Woodards’ 38 years involvement in the insurance industry was rewarded with a number of awards at the Annual CGU Insurance Conference, held on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Kerrie Woodards Insurance, Nuriootpa, collected the CGU National Authorised Representative of the Year 2013, also achieving the Growth Award for SA/WA, and Miss Briony Zeunert was announced the CGU National Young Authorised Representative of the Year 2013.

Kerrie said to receive such prestigious and honoured awards on the night was overwhelming. Adding he said, “It was substantial recognition for the service and achievement as a team in delivering superior insurance performance to our clientele.

“To be awarded this achievement throughout the whole of Australia was rather daunting.” Kerrie opened his acceptance speech with a thank you to his former partner, Mr Ken Hampel, who passed away in April 2010.

Ken’s words to Kerrie: “It is the highest accolade to be respected and recognised by one’s peer.” Kerrie relates these awards to his wife, Debbie, for her undeniable support; his staff, especially his son Shaun Woodards, and his Personal Assistant, Ms Briony Zeunert, with her achieving the status of Young Representative of the Year. “Briony’s involvement with the Barossa community has been exemplary and thoroughly deserves the recognition,” concluded Kerrie.

CGU-4856Briony Zeunert, 27, was the winner of the National 2013 Young Authorised Representative Excellence Award.
She is Office Manager and Personal Assistant to Kerrie Woodards. As a highly motivated young woman, Briony has always strived to achieve success with all challenges faced and continually advance her training and knowledge. With employment beginning with Hampel Woodards (now Kerrie Woodards Insurance) in May 2008, within six months Briony had undertaken and completed Tier 1 and Tier 2 training with all insurance companies dealt with.

This was a fantastic achievement in such a short period of time for paper knowledge but it didn’t account for the actual experience side of things within the industry.
Listening to what her colleagues of the time – Serena, Shaun and Tracy Rathjen (nee Seelander) – dealt with their clients, Briony began to grow in confidence to start business insurance dealings herself.

After just two and a half short years at Kerrie Woodards Insurance, fate had it that she would be in the position of Office Manager.
With opportunities to attend both training and online courses, Briony tries to complete all insurance trainings within a month of them being available and also undertakes further studies including: The CGU Professional Development Course, My Marine, Liability Workshops and trainings through ‘The Institute’.

Briony is a Cadet Leader, the Finance Co-ordinator and Lieutenant of the Angaston Country Fire Service for which she has recently been awarded The Barossa Council Young Citizen Of The Year award for her involvement.

This broad scope of positions helps her to learn management skills, organisation and about the local community, but it also shows the client base of Kerrie Woodards Insurance that they are involved with their community and understand the area they live in. This gives clients the confidence of being insured and dealing with Kerrie Woodards Insurance.

Many times over the last few years Briony has been involved in fighting a fire at an insured’s premises, or securing their motor vehicle they have insured with Kerrie Woodards Insurance after a collision.

When seeing their local insurance agent helping them to protect their property, it’s reassurance that Kerrie Woodards Insurance has their best interest at heart and these clients acknowledge the care, assistance and protection provided above and beyond insurance. This advanced service has allowed Kerrie Woodards Insurance to obtain more insurance coverage from clients that they previously didn’t have through trust and mutual respect.

Briony said: “My goals in this industry are to learn and understand thoroughly each and every insurance product we deal with; be efficient in dealing with customers’ and insurers’ questions, claims or changes and respect my colleagues, underwriters and customers I am in contact with.
“The last five years in insurance has been an amazing and rewarding journey and I look forward to the challenges that will be faced in the many years to come.”

kerrieA dedicated thank you
Kerrie Woodards ANZIFF (Snr Assoc) CIP, CPIA
Service – Quality – Local

Kerrie Woodards Insurance originated from a company set up by his late partner, Mr Ken Hampel, who passed away in April 2010 and remained Kerrie’s partner till then.

The business was started in 1971 as a National Mutual agent with a Commercial Union agency. Kerrie came into the business in 1987 and the name changed to its current form in July 2011.

Kerrie’s background has always been in insurance, working for companies such as FAI Insurance and Chamber of Manufacturer’s Insurance in Adelaide.
Kerrie Woodards, Managing Director of Kerrie Woodards Insurance Pty. Ltd., explained: “The move to the Barossa was mainly to raise my family in a friendly country atmosphere, combined with servicing Ken’s existing life and general insurance book.

“I am proud to say that now my organisation would be one of the largest authorised representatives in South Australia. This is largely due to the undeniable service that we give to our community in the Barossa Valley.

“This no doubt highlights that with support and understanding from CGU and proper and efficient involvement and understanding by support staff, anything is achievable.
Award for Year 12 students who show initiative to start their own business in the future, as well as the Ken Hampel Memorial Award to a Year 12 local student who performs volunteer work within the community.

Kerrie said, “As our letterheads and stationery suggest, we are heavily involved as insurance providers of the grape and wine industry of the Barossa Valley region.
“One look at our website and you can see that we tailor products for those that are involved in the wine area:
“Our premises is situated in the heart of the main street of the commercial area of Nuriootpa, right next to the large Community Store.

“All our staff living and working in the Barossa naturally support local industry and reciprocal business is fore-most. We sponsor many sporting clubs’ events held in the Valley.

“And all staff are active participants of our community. Whether my secretary is out fighting one of our client’s fires with her involvement with the CFS, or we are participating in our favourite local sport with out clientele, or myself as the resident justice of the peace, serving our community with signing of declarations and affidavits.

Kerrie Woodards presented the 2012 Kerrie Woodards Business and Development Award to Year 12 Nuriootpa High School student, Ryan Graetz. “Basically I am proud to say that Kerrie Woodards Insurance gets it right! “Our motto of ‘we share a passion about looking after locals’ really says it all. “Combined with a bunch of Shiraz grapes on our logo, it projects unity in our community between us and the grape industry. “Many times through our harsh economic times we have assisted our community with monetary compensation towards claims or even with premium assistance,” he said.

Kerrie Woodards Insurance endeavors to support its clients’ loyalty who have supported their office and to reward by giving back to those that have supported him.
Kerrie believes this is one of the reasons why his company is the success it is today! “We care and acknowledge loyalty,” he remarked. The company provides donations to charities, social clubs, individuals towards achieving their goals, high school awards such as the Kerrie Woodards Business and Development our community with passion.”