Pinery Fires November 2015

Devastation hit the Barossa on this day, and to their many clients, Kerrie Woodards Insurance wishes to relay our heartfelt thoughts with the loss of property.

On this day I was in Adelaide, not knowing that this fire would be a life changing experience for my insurance business the following morning.

It took me three hours to return from Adelaide, that night, knowing the next day was going to be a day that my staff were going to experience claims like no other!

How important it is for our customers to have a friend and an insurance person that cares to help!

We assist in putting clients, lives back together again.

My son, Shaun realises how emotional it becomes for our clientele, and how our industry is one of relief and financial stability for our clients.

My staff handled many claims, with professionalism and care, and it really comes to hit you how important it is to get the farm covers right!

Many clients su ered animals, fencing, shed, crops, vehicles and crop loss.

All burnt. In a devasting fire.

To come out of this horrible day with a small nancial impact is what we are about.

The emotional side is always going to be massive, but replacing possessions with monetary assistance will help assist in this emotional stress.

But I am proud to say that as an intermediary with local knowledge and excellent claims service, I am very proud of what Kerrie Woodards Insurance can achieve and does.


Bowhill fire : 4 months later claim settled in full

the historical site of the bow hill general store suffered a total loss claim on the 13th July 2013

4 months later QBE insurance & CGU insurance settled the claim in full.

In fact the business was up & running again by the long weekend in October.

Most business’s that suffer a catastrophe like this claim never actually fully recover from the loss.

Kerrie Woodards insurance can put the support back to out clients financially.

Unfortunately. We cannot compensate for the emotional stress of such a loss